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Why does the bathroom shower room will explode? To help you solve the problem of glass film

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The glass shower room explode, sounds frightful to the ear did happen in life, but the.   Take a hot bath, but was covered all over with cuts and bruises fried, terrible!   But the shower room is necessary for a modern bathroom, bath also convenient for us to do the next dry separation, fly Mo Jun and you talk about how to prevent the explosion accidents like this shower room.

One reason, glass shower room blew

  1, glass shower room quality problem

Not to choose cheap three products of toughened glass, we must choose the regular products.   Suggest that you choose a well-known brand and customer service service good tempered glass, 3C certificate, quality inspection certificate, certificate of patent, are indispensable, so as to ensure the quality problem of the bath room.

  2, glass shower room improper installation

In the process of transportation and construction, may make the glass scratches, fried mouth, edge defects, or glass installation process has a certain inclination and artificially changed the shape of the glass will lead to explosion problem.

  3, glass shower room in the use of improper maintenance

In everyday use, if there are sharp objects hit the glass shower, or sharp changes in temperature are also caused by a factor of glass exploding.

Two, how to reduce the risk of glass shower room blew?

  1, the selection of quality glass door

Toughened glass must have 3C certification mark on the certificate of product selection.   In addition we wear polarized sunglasses to see the glass, should show color fringe spot, the naked eye side will have blue spots.

  2, the correct installation of glass door

In order to prevent the phenomenon of tempered glass explode caused by improper installation, as far as possible when purchasing products, require manufacturers to provide professional on-site installation, such problems can also pursue the responsibility.   In the installation process, supervision not to cut glass, because the glass processing in the tempered, very prone to explosive phenomenon.

  3, focus on the protection of the glass edge

Around the edge of the toughened glass is weak, once the cracks easily smashed glass block.   In daily life, we must pay attention to protect the glass corner, regularly check the corner crack is.

  4, with explosion-proof membrane

With explosion-proof film can prevent the glass explode when a flying wounding case.   Try to choose a iwaf certification, with explosion-proof membrane production safety explosion-proof membrane when the selection of qualified film.

For the glass shower room anti self practice, do you remember?   The decoration is beautiful at the same time to Caution! Oh!
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