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How to avoid the shower room glass door explosion

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Avoid measures

(1) slowly increase the temperature, effectively reduce the risk of explosion.
The shower room is inside the space of 1.5 closed or full closed, high temperature and high pressure will be accumulated to a certain extent the formation of pressure on the glass screen, glass leads to uneven heating, easily lead to glass to burst.   Therefore, suggest that you are in the shower, do not use hot water temperature suddenly.

(2) to avoid collisions, light slow down off.
Although the strength of tempered glass is relatively high, even when we test pressure, a car is no problem, but the characteristics of tempered glass are sharp it is afraid of something more than the ordinary glass, shower room and fixed, the straight wall will affect the safety of toughened glass, if it is easy to cause the overall impact the explosion.

(3) post safety explosion-proof membrane, to eradicate the danger of glass explosion.
With transparent safety explosion-proof membrane on a layer of high quality in the shower room glass, glass can improve the strength of more than 6 times, or even burst, the stick force explosion-proof membrane to explode the pieces of glass stuck together, can prevent caused by glass exploding shards of glass splash hurt people, play the role of safety protection thus, fundamentally eliminate the risk of.
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