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Choose simple shower room for

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Non standard shower room, to create a separate bathing space for you to achieve the separation of dry and wet.   With the improvement of economic level and the change of life idea, the shower room once more trendy bathroom products have entered more and more families.   Compared with steam sauna and other functions of the shower room, shower room has its unique features and advantages.

A, choose simple shower room
1, the price factor.   Price hikes on the tendency of some consumers in the choice of shower room is very natural in the price more affordable shower.
2, the appearance of factors.   Simple shower room for its lean and simple features, it is suitable for rooms in the area of about 100 square meters of the family.
3, non-standard factors.   In addition to select the custom shower, if necessary, can also be made directly to partition style, not only small and convenient, the price is much cheaper.

Two, simple shower room
Simple shower room can be divided into frame and frame two categories, no frame with hinged door, and a sliding door or door frame with stainless steel or aluminum and tempered glass, hardware.

Material three, Harris shower room
1, glass shower room glass choice, in order to ensure the safety of consumer use, must be strictly by fully tempered glass.   Toughened glass also has a lot of difference, decided the merits of the glass is glass factory and steel factory equipment and technology, technology and management etc..   Harris shower room has chosen glass glass factory in southern Shenzhen, and in the advanced equipment Foshan Yaohua Glass factory to toughened to ensure the quality of shower room, glass security level to achieve the most senior (grade IC)
2, Aluminum Alloy: Ellis shower room aluminum strict by the degree of hardness is 13-14 about high quality aluminum, high purity of up to about 95%, the price is high, aluminum 1.2-4.0mm thick, hard and tough, moderate and not brittle deformation.   The 48 hour salt spray test, an important indicator of the surface and tensile strength etc. are better than the national and European standards, create a non-standard size is not easy to deform, effectively ensuring the use safety.
3, 304 stainless steel: 304 stainless steel plate of stainless steel Ellis shower room strict with Pohang, formed by mechanical shear, laser, digging, bending, welding and processing precision of the foreign.
4, a pulley is a core part of the push and pull the shower room, the only reasonable structure, good material to ensure the pulley, shower room, service life and the use of consumer safety.
Ellis shower room pulley and pay attention to perfect from first to last track, NE, and NL series adopts engineering plastic alloy - steel manufacturing, rotating parts by 12 stainless steel beads, in the swing part is made of stainless steel shaft and wheel and decomposition of gravity, the load bearing capacity of pulley.
5, rubber strip and sealing.   Ellis shower room with a unique formula in the design, development of the rubber strip with anti UV, cold cracking, strong flexibility, use the seal between the characteristics of "long life effective protection wall and movable door (water leakage).
6, the overall structure, hardware products.   In terms of structure, pay attention to the shower room shower room Ellis waterproof design and adjust function design, all products are combined with adjusting function of wall in vertical and horizontal direction, can be amended by the cement work and installation work caused by deviation. The increase of design quality of internal or external rack to shower room more beautiful, humanization.
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